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SAM Academy user meeting in Leon Rot:

State of the art knowledge for trainers and Professionals

The Putting Instructor certification program of the SAM Academy is the most comprehensive scientific approach to putting ever developed. The concept covers the complete range from the physics of putting, measurement and analysis with SAM PuttLab, the PGA Tour data base, the 6 fundamental aspects of putting, putter fitting or green reading. Also included are practical aspects of putting instruction and corresponding training concepts.

The Level 3 certification will educate you to become a movement expert, and is covering the science of putting, the general science of motor learning, and diagnosis and treatment of Yips.

If you want to become the very best at professional putting instruction, then sign up to become a certified SAM putting instructor.

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SAM PuttLab Certification


Online Certifications:

Tuesday, 15th of October 2019
8 AM – 12 AM CDT (Central Daylight Time)
3 PM – 7 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)

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Wednesday, 16th of October 2019
8 AM – 12 AM CDT (Central Daylight Time)
3 PM – 7 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)

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Thursday, 17th of October 2019
8 AM – 12 AM CDT (Central Daylight Time)
3 PM – 7 PM CEST (Central European Summer Time)

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SAM Certification at the Nike performance centre in Archersfield:

Level 1 certification

The certification Level 1 seminar introduces into the concept of the 6 fundamental aspects of putting. The attendees will receive in depth “hands on” training in the use of SAM PuttLab for measuring and analysing putting, including interpretation of the results reports and the use of putting performance profiles to tailor subsequent training sessions. The seminar will also present a step by step putter fitting protocol.

1. Data evaluation and example measurement
2. SAM Tour data statistics
3. The 6 fundamentals of putting
4. Basics of PuttLab training
5. SAM EasyFit fitting protocol
6. Practical session (onsite seminars only)

Level 2 certification

The certification Level 2 seminar educates you in the use of SAM PuttLab to conduct professional putting lessons. The seminar starts with discussing the motor sequence in putting and presents a deterministic model describing all functional aspects of a putting stroke. The training concept of the SAM Academy condenses the information and introduces the hierarchy of movement to identify the relevant aspects to work on with your student. Further topics are the order of correction, the role of technique and consistency, communication with the student as well as the use of training aids. The seminar closes with presenting new concepts for green reading.

1. A framework for successful putting
2. SAM trainings concept
3. Professional putting lessons
4. Faults & fixes
5. Green reading
6. Practical session (onsite seminars only)

Level 3 certification

The certification Level3 seminar educates you on the science of motor learning and motor control. We start with discussing the crucial role of consistency for putt performance. Then we will present recent models motor planning and human movement control and discuss their significance for teaching and learning movement. In this context, reasearch studies on the role of critical factors involved in Golf training are presented. All this information on brain function and motor control is not limited to putting or Golf, it is underlying all kinds of human movement learning. The seminar closes with briefly discussing „task specific“ movement problems in sports such as Yips and presenting a specific training aproach.

1. Putt Performance and Consistency
2. The Science of motor learning and motor control
3. Research studies on motor learning
4. Research studies on the role of feedback
5. Yips analysis and interventions


More feedback on our certifications:

“I’ve been using SAM PuttLab for over 7 years, but I wasn’t sure how much more there was to learn. The webinars go far beyond simply using the system. They have really opened my eyes about the way I teach putting and my students will only benefit further from what I have learned. There was also the opportunity to compare different tour players’ data and understanding the numbers behind their success. A very worthwhile couple of days.”

Simon Iliffe (West Kent Golf Club, England),
Level 3 Certified Putting Instructor

“I thought the Certification was excellent and very informative. (…) Once again, the seminar was great and the test was very thorough. I am looking forward to Level 2 certification.”

Martin Wade (PGA Academy Instructor, The Villages Golf Academy, FL, USA),
Level 1 Certified Putting Instructor

“That class could have been 12 hours or more and I would have been thrilled!”

John Dunigan (White Manor Country Club, PA, USA),
Level 3 Certified Putting Instructor

“I don’t have words to describe how much I enjoyed and learnt about the golf game on the green. Thanks to Dr. Christian Marquardt for his knowledge, patience and taking me to the inside world of the SAM PuttLab. Thoroughly loved it.”

Bamby Randhawa (KGA Karnataka Golf Course, Bangalore/India),
Level 1 Certified Putting Instructor

“I enjoy every minute of the Level 3 conference, always interesting and always so well explained.”

Peter Bacon (1 Hundred and In, Short Game Solutions, Brussels Drohme Golf Club and Academy, Golf Professional),
Level 3 Certified Putting Instructor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the level 2 certification process and found the material both interesting and highly informative. I look forward to hopefully completing the level 3 certification at some point in the future.”

David Patronik (Director of Instruction, Woods to Wedges, NY, USA),
Level 2 Certified Putting Instructor

“I throughly enjoyed the Level 1 seminar, and I am looking forward to Level 2 in the near future. I really felt the interactive webinar format was great for this type of material and certification, and even though it was a long afternoon, it was definitely worth it.”

Mark Komives (Florida Gulf Coast University – Department of PGA Golf Management, US),
Level 3 Certified Putting Instructor

“I’d like to thank you for your time and your expertise not only from last Tuesday but for all the years of research and hard work that I am sure went into developing the SAM PuttLab. It is a fabulous machine. The more I gain knowledge about it’s use and capabilities – the more I am impressed with what it can do, and how it can help me, my clients, and my Team! (…) I enjoyed your Seminar immensely and can’t thank you enough for sharing your knowledge and expertise with us in an easy-to-understand manner.”

Patti McGowan (Head Golf Coach, Converse College/South Carolina, US),
Level 2 Certified Putting Instructor

“I thoroughly enjoyed the Level 1 and 2 certification courses. I think that the SAM PuttLab technology and equipment is absolutely amazing and can’t wait to start teaching with it and also improving my own putting.”

Cameron Fawns (PGA of Canada Golf Professional, Teaching Professional),
Level 2 Certified Putting Instructor

“The certification classes last week in Orlando were fantastic and I loved every moment of it, it was high quality and my scores wouldn’t have been achievable without your presentations. The information and presentation were fantastic.”

David Dorans (Senior PGA Coach, MY Golf Academy, Slinfold Golf & Country Club/England),
Level 3 Certified Putting Instructor